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28 February 2013 @ 03:28 pm
Hi, author! I should probably apologize for how long this took me to get up, first of all. My bad entirely! But next lemme just thank you in advanced for writing for me! ♥ I can't wait to see what you do. I've only been in an exchange set up like this once before so I'm still a little iffy on these letters, so I'm sorry if this doesn't read well.

My sign-up strategy was including every character I liked in a series, but I don't expect them all to be together in a single story. That would probably be silly!

I am totally okay with hetships and femslash, and gen fic too! My only limits are that I don't want to read smut (and I am probably one of three fandom-members on the face of the earth who doesn't, oops) domestic violence, physical torture, or people getting drunk. Other than that, though, I'm totally open to whatever! People dying, blood and gore, other sensitive subjects, whaaaatever.

Admittedly my favorite kinds of fanfics are sad ones, whether it's a sad ending, sad stuff with a happy ending, or an endlessly gushing waterfall of sadness that leads in from a river of despair and crashes into a mountain of the jagged and worn-down remains of readers' happiness into a lake of concentrated woe all day every day. I like crying about fictional characters! But I also really like happy things, too—fluffy domesticity is a favorite, people being huge dorks together, silly stuff, people making snowmen or putting frosting on each other's noses or participating in generic cutesy slumber party activities or other cute's all good!

If you haven't gathered yet: every mood is okay, every kind of mood ever. Don't let "is this too upbeat" or "is this too completely fucking soul crushing" stop you from writing anything here. Follow your dreams.

I've already written a lot but I guess I should talk about the characters I gave, too? I'll try not to write as much, oooops. Going through them one at a time seems like the most organized way to do this, so I'll do that!

Dangan Ronpa
(This'll contain spoilers, so if you haven't read DR yet, please scroll/ctrl+f down to the other sections!)

Quick general note: I'm only as far into SDR2 as the LP is because I'm opting not to read the summaries, and I don't want any spoilers at all past that. I'm also keeping up with Orenoren's translations of DR0 instead of those summaries, but I wouldn't mind being spoiled on it that much (the summaries have been looking tempting, anyway).

With these guys in particular, I really love AUs—Sburb and Madoka are my favorte crossovers for them, but I love to see alternate canon events (different victims/murderers and susch) and no-despair AUs. With a few of them, I mention this, but I love to see mucking through the timeline; pre-despair (in either of the two years) and post-IF (or post-game for the survivor among this list) are some of my favorite sorts of fics to see!

As for requested characters...

Aoi is basically one of my favorite fictional characters ever. I love her pluckiness and adore how she takes on some sexist tropes and subverts the heck out of them. Anything emphasizing her dedication and her personal strength (and how it intertwines with her weakness, naturally) would be great. Maybe she could finally get that donut shop open post-game? I'd also love to see her post-lockup, trying to find a way to keep herself and the others optimistic. Predictably, I ship her with Sakura, but also with Touko (who wasn't on the list because I don't like her as a character enough to have wanted a fic focused solely her), and in an OT3 with Sakura and Chihiro (who I interpret as trans*).

Sakura is also one of my favorite fictional characters ever! Her personal struggles with femininity are fascinating, and her total devotion and loyalty to her friends is so admirable. I think it'd be neat to see the latter put into a pre-game context—this could be especially bittersweet if it was set during the lockup. Maybe she could try to help the others cope? Something in the year before that would be just as great, though; these were the first friends she ever had and I'd love to see her go through getting close to them and dedicate herself to them. If you could write anything involving a friendship between her and Mukuro, I would probably melt into my chair—after their interactions in the IF story, I basically fell in love with the idea of them being bffs struggling with proper friendship right there. Like I said above, I ship her with Aoi, and in an OT3 with Aoi and Chihiro!

I'll do the despair sisters together, but I wouldn't mind a fic where the other one isn't present (though I tend to favor Mukuro, who's another character I really really love). Anything pre-game would be excellent—what it was like growing up, maybe, or their relationships with the students in Hope's Peak before the mutual killing game. If you want to focus on Mukuro, I'm really a sucker for pre-game relations with the other students and anything to do with the IF story. I've seen people talk about despair-free AUs and I think that could be really funny! For ships, I have absolutely no shame in how hard I ship despaircest, but I also like Makoto/Mukuro, whether its a mutual relationship or one-sided despair.

Sayaka's such an interesting character! I'd really like fic focusing on her losing her mask rather than something where she's mostly sweet and saccharine. In particular, something about her coping with the lockup would be great—I never thought she'd be any good at dealing with being caged up in a place where it'd be so easy to forget her when she's nothing to the outside world with how it is anyway. Anything where she loses her composure would be wonderful, though, with or without sides of hurt/comfort. As far as shipping goes, it is almost physically painful how much I ship her with Leon, but that's about all.

There isn't a single iteration of Jade that I'm not totally in love with, so of course I'm totally in love with Grandma. Admittedly I don't care about Jake at all, though, so for Grandma I'd rather have something placed before her meteor child's arrival. I'd love to see anything about her childhood with the Batterwitch. I figure she was a little hell-raiser all day every day, so something involving her making the Condesce's life as difficult as possible would be phenomenal. I'd also love to see her escape from the Condesce's care, too, and expansion on how that went down, what she did and where she went afterwards and how she got there. If you'd rather write her badass old lady self instead, I'd still love to see her further attempts at sabatoging the Battterwitch. Maybe she could be involved with Alpha!Rose (who isn't on my list because I don't care enough about her to have wanted a fic focused on her, but I don't mind heavy involvement from her (or the Condesce) with Grandma). If you involve the Condesce at all, I'd rather she wasn't written as goopy and maternal ~deep down~, though.

It's very likely that I'm the only person on this entire exchange with Echidna on their list. Whups! Admittedly this is an extension of my Jade love. In canon, the way that Jade gets to Echidna and how their deal was made was left very ambiguous. I'm a huge sucker for Sburb mechanics, including with regards to denizens, so anything exploring that would be way cool, with or without the bargain as the focus.

I might also be the only person involved with Casey on their list, too. I just think she's cute! Really, anything you could throw together for this would be amazing. If you want prompts, Tumblr has had a small thing before about human!Casey playing Sburb with other consorts, and I would love something like that. Talking about Sburb mechanics again, maybe something about the consort villages could be done featuring her (with or without a humanstuck or non-sburb twist)? In general, seeing human!Casey would be a lot of fun, and I'd love to see however you interpret her! There are a lot domestic AUs involving the kids that showcase human!Casey and I wouldn't mind one of those at all, but I'd rather it not be John/Dave, John/Karkat, or John/Vriska as her parents.

And I continue my pattern of loving obscure characters with Ms. Paint. Most of the stuff I usually see her in revolves around Slick or Hussie, but I'd really like to see her removed from that context. I would love seeing her life on Prospit, or a fic with her as an exile. I'd especially love interaction with other Prospitians, PM in particular (who wasn't put on this list for the same reason that ARose and The Condesce weren't).

The Hunger Games
It's been way too long since I've read this series, so I don't have as much to say about Johanna. I do like her a lot, though! Particularly, I love how she doesn't deal with other people's shit and snarks them out without mercy. It'd be interesting to see some expansion on her back story; who she lost and how she coped. Seeing how things go for her post-series would also be completely fantastic, too! It doesn't have to be a story full of sunshine and flowers (nor would I expect one after how she's left), but I'd like something with a spot of hope. I ship her with Katniss like burning and would absolutely adore a fic for them.

I have this terrible habit of falling in love with really minor characters. Foxface is a part of this curse. Anything at all would be lovely with her. I'd love to see any headcanons that you have or can come up with because there are just so many ways to go. It would be absolutely awesome to see an AU where she gets more involved with others in the arena and makes some allies. I'm partial to other minor characters (maybe Thresh?) but I wouldn't mind an alliance with Katniss either. An expansion on just her canon time in the arena would be okay too, though.

I think that about covers it! Again, I'm super sorry for getting this up so late. Thank you for writing for me in advanced, and I'm super excited to see what you end up doing! If you want to clarify anything or have any questions, my Tumblr is [ profile] needlekind and you can send me asks anonymously or with a sock, or PM me here/my actual journal, [personal profile] prospitian.

Thank you! ♥
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